Durable Parts and Prototypes

LA 3D is Louisiana’s premere 3D Printing andRapdProttyping Bureau. Located In Mandeville LA, we use the latest 3D Printing technology to bring the ability to produce physical objects for testing or end use. We specialise in: Oil and Gas industry prototypes and models, Props for the film industry, Medical Prototypes, Architectural models, and prototypes and custom pieces for the Marine industry.

Rapid Prototype Development

Prototyping done through traditional machining is time consuming and expensive.  We can save you time and money by easily creating successive versions of your product, allowing you to make improvements quickly and efficiently. Nothing illustrates an idea like a physical model.  Our 3D printing service allows you to see and touch a highly detailed object, and share your vision instantly.

Just Bring an Idea

Want to design something and don’t know where to start?  We can work from a 3D model, a rough drawing, or even an undeveloped idea.  We use SolidWorks CAD software to design a physical usable object from your ideas.

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Fused Deposition Modeling is a type of 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) that uses high quality thermoplastics to print prototypes and dimensionally accurate end use parts.  The FDM machine uses both model material and water soluble support material, printing one layer at a time in a temperature controlled environment.  The results are dimensionally accurate, durable parts and prototypes.
Our 3D printing process can save you time and money on low volume production runs.  Custom parts, tools, and jigs that were previously not cost effective can be quickly and accurately built, saving you time and tooling costs associated with traditional manufacturing.  Our manufacturing solution can act as your virtual inventory.
We print tough prototypes that have working mechanical properties.  Our soluble support system allows us to print mechanical components in place and assembled with proper clearances.  The printed objects can be used right out of the printer.  This is ideal for test fitting or for full function end use products.

What We Do

  • Custom design parts to meet your needs
  • Transform ideas into physical objects more quickly and cost effectively than traditional manufacturing methods
  • Assist companies and individuals in bringing ideas and products to market faster
  • Provide low volume manufacturing for parts and props, saving time and tooling costs for small runs
  • Construct working mechanical prototypes that can be used to test fit or function

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